Modtank heating system for use with tobacco sticks

The Modtank heating system is a new heating technology designed for heated tobacco sticks(like IQOS heets,IQOS Marlboro heatsticks,Fiit).Heating element different with IQOS heater blade,Modtank using Ceramic tube heating chamber,100% heated tobacco sticks,taste and experience same with the IQOS kit,last longer,more huge vapor.

Modtank TK tobacco heating system Features:
1. The first one using Ring chamber heating system,without heater blade or pin-type heater.
2. Tobacco sticks fully heated,pure flavor taste,more vapor puffs.
3. Three mode Adjustable voltage,heating tobacco stick more experience.
4. With 2500mAh battery,fully charging can last 18 cycles.
5. Compatible with Tobacco sticks,IQOS heets,IQOS Marlboro heatsticks,Fiit ect.

Where to buy Modtank heating kit? We are China e-cigarette suppliers provide series heated tobacco devices,wholesale Modtank tobacco heating kit at cheap price and fast delivery.

Modtank kit
Modtank heating system

Wholesale IQOS heater blade for IQOS tobacco cigarette heating system

Alumina IQOS heater blade(ceramic heating blade) for E-cig Ceramic Heaters are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes,it’s special designed for IQOS tobacco heating system. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element, Alumina Heaters can provide higher reliability than ever before. Currently, applications include use as innovative types of heaters in the automotive, medical and semiconductor industries.
We are producing highly qualified 3.7v Ceramic Heating blade for IQOS Ecig Heater with the advantages of energy-efficient,long life and eco-friendly.

IQOS heater blade Tobacco heating system advantages:
1.Long life: airproof constructure for conquering the disintegration problem.
2.Quick temperature rise and stable temperatures can be achieved–usefulness for every reqired heat setting.
3.Excellent insulativity.
4.Energy efficient and high efficiency thermal conductivity—be able to generate heat internally and externally simultaneously.
5.Compact structure.
6.Equalized heat distribution and high power density.
7.Safe and eco-friendly electronic product complying to the RoHS requirements:MCH contains no harmful materials.
8.High cost performance.

electronic heating blade alumina ceramic heater replacement special designed for tobacco cigarette,wholesale IQOS heater balde direct from China factory with cheaper price.

IQOS heater blade
IQOS heater blade

Where to buy IQOS cigarette online?

Here is listing each country IQOS official online shops,hope that informations can help you to learn more and to buy IQOS cigarette original products.

IQOS – Heat Not Burn Tobacco Products
Introducing IQOS. The first heated tobacco product. Learn how IQOS revolutionary technology is helping to create a smoke-free future.

IQOS | Heatcontrol Technology
Discover the unique experience of IQOS heatcontrol technology. Visit website and find your own device and accessories for the heated tobacco products.

IQOS(アイコス)・ 革新のたばこヒートテクノロジー | フィリップモリスジャパン
‎IQOS これがすべてを変える革新 · ‎革新のたばこ · ‎IQOS(アイコス) · ‎お問い合わせ

Store Finder | IQOS

IQOS – This changes everything
הכירו את IQOS ואת HeatControl™ Technology. מערכת IQOS עם טכנולוגיית בקרת החימום מאפשרת לך לחוות טעם אמיתי של טבק. IQOS ISRAEL
IQOS – инновационная система нагревания табака от Philip Morris
IQOS – это система нагревания табака, разработанная в Швейцарии, которая объединила в себе новые технологии и настоящий вкус табака.

Как купить IQOS
Заказать IQOS. Мой профиль · Купить · Бесплатный тест-драйв · Пользовательское Соглашение · Политика Конфиденциальности · Табачная Продукция и Здоровье · Пользовательское Соглашение · Политика Конфиденциальности · Табачная Продукция и Здоровье … – Tehnologia IQOS HeatControl™
Bine ai venit pe, un website operat de Philip Morris Trading S.R.L. Aici vei putea afla mai multe despre elementele și caracteristicile produsului IQOS și, de asemenea, vei putea cumpăra sistemul IQOS, componente ale sistemului IQOS și HEETS™, pentru a fi utilizate exclusiv cu IQOS. Noi tratăm foarte atent …

IQOS – offizieller Online-Shop | IQOS.DE
Entdecken Sie das innovative Tabakprodukt IQOS, welches den Tabak ohne Verbrennen erhitzt, und erfahren Sie mehr über die Unterschiede zur E-Zigarette.

IQOS South Africa Official Site
An innovative tobacco heating system that heats real tobacco without burning providing you with the taste of tobacco, with no fire and no ash is now available in South Africa. Find more about IQOS at

This site contains information on a product containing tobacco and is reserved for smokers over 18 years old.

Scopri l’innovazione di Philip Morris per un mondo senza fumo. IQOS scalda e non brucia il tabacco rilasciandone il gusto autentico.

IQOS™ – Heat Not Burn Technology
IQOS is een innovatief systeem waarbij tabak wordt verwarmd in plaats van verbrand. Hierdoor ontstaat minder geur, geen vuur en geen as. — Alleen voor rokers van 18 jaar en ouder.

IQOS – Muda tudo!
A tecnologia para tabaco aquecido IQOS proporciona aos fumadores adultos uma experiência inovadora de consumo de tabaco, sem combustão, sem fumo, sem cinza e com menos cheiro.

IQOS New Zealand Official Site
IQOS New Zealand heat not burn technology.

IQOS – Heat not burn technology – Translate this page
IQOS er det nyeste indenfor måden at nyde tobak på. Alt er forandret. Men på den gode måde. Du får din naturlige tobaksnydelse, og oveni det, så håber vi, at du kan leve med alle fordelene: – Ingen ild – Ingen aske – Mindre lugt end almindelige cigaretter – Ingen lugt på fingrene, i tøjet eller i håret. IQOS er udviklet af Philip …

IQOS cigarette already available in USA,UK,Japan,Korea,Germany,Italy,Switzerland,Canada,Russia,Netherlands,Portugal,South Africa,UAE,Saudi Arabia,Australia,New Zealand,Singapore….., Buy IQOS cigarette online ensure you can get the good service.

IQOS device is now very popular on the market,various accessories essential, IQOS accessories(IQOS holder cap,iqos pouch bag,wallet case,car charger,skin) wholesale with cheap price can be found from China suppliers.
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Whatsapp:+86 13267219208

Buy IQOS cigarette
iqos cigarette


Puffco Peak portable wax vaporizer for Dabbing concentrates

The Puffco Peak is a new type portable handheld smart bong vaporizer,
special airflow designed,peak consists of water filtration glass bong and
a battery,glass bong shape like a beakerflask,the battery part have ceramics heating chamber,you dabbing just need to add the concentrate of your preference — whether its shatter,crumble,wax,or CBD oil — to the
heating chamber.

Peak concentrate vape different with traditionally glass bong,its getting
a technological upgrade,the battery charges 2 hours can offers about 30 hits. when dabbing,heating fast,the device heats up in 20 seconds,consuming concentrates as easy as pressing a button.

Puffco Peak vape pen Features:
1. As the first one smart bong concentrate vape pen
2. As well as a “boost mode” to clear out any leftover concentrates
3. Puffco claims the “Intelligent temperature calibration”
4. The device heats up in 20 seconds,fast heating
5. Maintains a consistent experience when sharing

The Peak will be available for pre-order beginning January 15th 2018,
It’s expected to retail for around $350, that price is too expensive to many
customers,for the beginner can get many model and cheap concentrate vape from China suppliers,that is good choose.

Puffco Peak
Puffco Peak portable wax vaporizer

IQOS Marlboro Heatsticks Tobacco Heating Kit

IQOS tobacco sticks heating kit cigarette very popular on the Japan market,it uses heat-not-burn technology that heats tobacco without burning it,provide you the “throat-hit” tobacco taste and satisfaction experience with no smoke,no ash and less smell.

Why IQOS so popular on the market?
The reason of IQOS popular:
1. As the alternative to smoking,Marlboro tobacco sticks made by real tobacco raw material.
2. Tobacco sticks(as called IQOS heatsticks or heets) provide same the regular cigarette “throat-hit” true tobacco taste,less smell and pleasure experience.
3. IQOS use heat-not-burn special designed heating system,heats tobacco to a lower temperature than when a regular cigarette is burned.without combustion,not require a lighter,reduce the harmful chemicals.
4. IQOS holder insert the tobacco stick up to the silver line,hold button down to heats tobacco,it is ready to use, easy operation.

Even if IQOS cigarette give smoker satisfaction experience,but the “price” and “where can buy” is concerned by smoker.
iQOS Heating Technology System White – Device Only (White) price:150USD/set
IQOS Starter Kit RED – Limited Edition price:315USD
many smoker can’t be afford this price,IQOS only launched in Japan,UK,Itlay,Germany,Russia,USA ect some countries,it is not available globally.

Where to buy cheap tobacco sticks heating kit substitute for IQOS?
China manufacturer supply a series new cigarette tobacco heating kit,
compatible with IQOS tobacco sticks such as Marlboro,Parliament,heets,heatsticks.
The price of China tobacco heating kit is only twenty percent of the price of IQOS,that is the best choice for the smoker who want smokeless with the true tobacco taste.

Tobacco Heating Kit
IQOS Marlboro Heatsticks Tobacco Heating Kit

China Suppliers iBuddy i1 Heating Kit Wholesale

2018 new arrival a new type heat-not-burn tobacco products “iBuddy i1 heating kit”,it designed and produce by China manufacturer iBuddy.
iBuddy i1 is a type products heat-not-burn cigarettes device different with regular e-cigarette pen, that is a heating device,insert a tobacco stick into i1 heating device holder,heating tobacco sticks to produce inhalable vapor. The i1 Heating Kit heats similar IQOS holder device,but it’s need working with Tobacco sticks/IQOS heets.

Product Features:
1. Pin-style heating element with longer lifespan.
2. Rechargeable 1800mAh capacity battery.
3. Heating tobacco sticks,iQos heets get pure tobacco taste.
4. Comfortable surface,Portable size,fashionable colors.
5. One button to replace the tobacco sticks,easy operation.
6. Alternative to cigarettes,smokeless healthy tobacco smoking.

iBuddy i1 Heating Kit
iBuddy i1 Heating Kit







We are China professional e-cigarette suppliers,various high quality
heat-not-burn cigarettes device for choose,new arrival iBuddy i1 heating kit wholesale at fatory price.
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Healthy smoking:IQOS heets VS Tobacco cigarette

IQOS heets (known as Tobacco sticks,heatsticks) produce by Philip Morris International Inc.
it different with traditional tobacco cigarette,as follow from material,Using,Size,After burn ect to compare it.
IQOS heets:
.Material:May be is the tobacco raw materials grinding into after molding.
.Use:Work with IQOS heat-not-burn device,heat not burn baking technology, no combustion.
.Size:Length 4.5mm,about a half traditional cigarette.
.After burn:Strip shape

Tobacco cigarette:
.Material:Tobacco leaf as main material.
.Use:fire combustion
.Size:Length 8.5mm
.After burn:dust

IQOS heets
IQOS heets VS Tobacco cigarette






iqos heets






So IQOS is healthy smoking,more and more consumer acceptance of heat-not-burn tobacco products.
China manufacturer launched new heat-not-burn device compatible IQOS heatsticks.
More informations please check our

Top 5 Best Heat-not-burn tobacco device products

A heat-not-burn tobacco product (HNB) heats tobacco to a lower temperature than when a conventional cigarette is burned.
The resulting smoke contains nicotine and other chemicals. These products may match some of the behavioral aspects of smoking,
that is a new form of healthy smoking.So today,we will introduce the top 5 best heat-not-burn tobacco to you. Hope it will be useful when you choosing your suitable tobacco products.

1. IQOS kit

IQOS kit
Heat-not-burn tobacco IQOS-kit







Product Features:
1)From Philip Morris International(PMI).
2)iQOS, consisting of charger, holder, and tobacco stick.
3)Holder that look like a pen,fashionable designed.
4)The disposable tobacco stick have mulit flavours choose,pure tobacco taste.
5)iQOS is sold as an alternative to cigarettes.

2. Ploom TECH

Heat-not-burn tobacco Ploom-TECH
Heat-not-burn tobacco Ploom-TECH






Product Features:
1)From Japan Tobacco International.
2)Consisting of USB charger, pen battery, and tobacco capsules.
3)Silm pen style.

3. Glo iFuse

Heat-not-burn tobacco Glo-iFuse






Product Features:
1)From British American Tobacco.
2)Its a hybrid e-cig/cigarette system.
3)Device using contains both tobacco and a liquid.

4. PAX 3

Heat-not-burn tobacco PAX-3







Product Features:
1)From PAX Labs.
2)A butane-powered product used for the heating tobacco or botanical products.
3)All-in-one device,has four temperature options.


China Heat-not-burn tobacco MOX-N1CE








Product Features:
2)E-cigarette dry herb vaporizer pen style.
3)Durable plug in ceramic heating rod endure extensive use.
4)Compatible tobacco sticks,IQOS heets,heatsticks
5)Cheap price,this is China best Heat-not-burn tobacco.

More Heat-not-burn tobacco products and accessories,please visit .

IQOS Holder Cap Cigarette Protector Cover for sale

IQOS Holder Cap – Colorful cigarette protector cover is compatible and can be exchanged with the original IQOS cap.  To install the cap correctly,make sure to align with the IQOS steel rib inside until it makes a “click” sound.
To avoid damage to the heating piece, DO NOT use excessive force when inserting the cap.
Features :
1. As protector cover for IQOS cigarette
2. Multicolor for choose,have Gold,Silver,Blue,Green,Red,Purple.
3. Conspicuous color,portable and fashionable.
4. Replaceable and install simply,washable clean easy.

We are China e-cigarette suppliers,wholesale IQOS holder cap at competitive price.

IQOS Holder Cap
IQOS Holder Cap Cigarette Protector Cover for sale

Best cbd oil atomizer – how choosing the best atomizer vape

Cbd oil atomizer vape pen kit include:a cbd oil atomizer/cartridge and a cbd vape battery. atomizer is a device that converts a stream of liquid/oil into a vapor, it’s include heating element inside.

Atomizer produce vapor for inhale,so it is important the vape cbd oil vapor key parts,
how to choosing the best cbd oil atomizer for your vape pen?
As follows tips help guide you choosing the best cbd oil atomizer,
. Material: please choose the stainless steel and glass tank atomizer, healthy material.
. Atomizer coil: Wickless,new technology on the heating element,Quartz coil/Ccell ceramic coil instead of the traditional wick and coil.
. Optimized structure:Oil Leaking atomizer is disappointing, optimized structure no leaking is one of the best cbd oil atomizer standard.
. Vapor: Huge vapor and pure taste,it’s important for you get the pure CBD oil vape relaxed experience.
. Airflow:Top airflow designed,vapor smoking smoothly.
. Refill: Top refill easy.
. Hole size: Universality,fit for CBD oil, Hemp oil, Thc oil, Thick oil, Hash oil, honey oil.
. Mouthpiece: Glass/Ceramic/stainless steel mouthpiece,healthy material,provide cool vaping experience.

best cbd oil atomizer

best cbd oil atomizer