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G9 510nail Dry Herb Wax Vaporizer

  • Product Type: Dry herb wax vaporizer
  • Model Number: G9 510nail
  • Heating chamber material: Titanium/Ceramic
  • Fit with: 510 box mod,mod, highwattage battery
  • Feature: 510 thread fit box mod
  • Color: black/stainless steel
  • OEM: welcome
  • Payment: Western union, Paypal,T/T
  • Product Details

Apart from the same dry herb wax vaporizer function as G9 henail , this upgraded version have some  different with the G9 henail. h enail the heating element and battery is one set, you 

just using single 18650 battery power to vapor, now G9 h enail version 2 coming, we are calling it as "G9 510nail", it's design with 510 thread , you can match with your 510 thread box 

mod and other high wattage battery, high power and high wattage battery let you get more vapor experience.

G9 510nail dry herb wax vaporizer Feature:
1. 510 thread can fit with all 510 box mod, high rate battery
2. Heating chamber coming with screw Titanium or Ceramic 
3. Titanium Heat base
4. henail/510nail glass attachment with water filtration function
5. Portable box
6. For Dry herb/Wax/Weed vapor

G9 510nail Dry Herb Vaporizer packing list:
1 x 510nail with Titanium/Ceramic nail 
1 x Glass attachment
1 x  Magnetic carb cap
1 x  Replacement Titanium/Ceramic Nail
1 x  User manual
1 x  Travel Case

G9 510nail dry herb wax vaporizer

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