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Imag Plus Hherb Vaporizer with 3 Temperature Settings

  • Product Type: Herb vaporizer
  • Brand Name: Imag
  • Model Number: Imag plus
  • Feature: Baking style vaporizing system
  • Heating element material: Rustless iron
  • Color: black, blue, white, red,
  • Product Details

This top herb vaporizer gives you the option to vaporize your dry herbs at one of three temperatures: 374F, 410F, and 446F (indicator light displayed as blue, green and red respectively)

Press power button for 3 times, then the indicator light will turn on and flash blue. For each temperature setting, the indicator light will flash while heating up and turn solid when the

selected temperature is reached. Press and hold power button for 3 seconds to cycle through the temperature settings in such a sequence: 374F(blue), 410F(green), 446F(red), 374F(blue).

Features of imag plus / imag+ vaporizer:

1. Latest dry herb vaporizer device dry herbs . It is not the simple e cig . It is a precision and smart device . 

2. Comes with an entirely new ceramic heating element, which can be heated in under two minutes to 3 temperature settings, selected by the touch of one button for simple and user-friendly

operation .

3. High quality and fast delivery

4. A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the unit for 50 minutes on a full charge, and its 8 minute autoshutdown and pocket-friendly recessed power button together guarantee that battery

life won't be accidentally wasted. 

5. Easy to carry: Truly pocket sized

Imag Plus / imag+ packing list:
1 x Imag plus
1 x Heating cup
1 x Battery
1 x Brush tool
1 x Herb Pushing cup
1 x Tweezers
1 x USB line
1 x Use manual

1 x Gift box

Imag plus baking system vaporizer

Imag plus with USB charging

Imag Plus vaporizer with 3 temperature settings

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