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Prebuilt Clapton Coil

  • Product Type: Coils
  • Material: Kanthal A1 24GA ,26GA and 28GA
  • Feature: Prebuilt coil, Well wrapped
  • Suitable: RTA, RDA,RDTA atomizer
  • Packing: 10pcs
  • Product Details

Prebuilt Clapton Coil for Sale

Product  Feature:                                                                        
1. Product type: Clapton Coil
2. Rebuildable coil for Atomizer
3. Suitable RTA, RDA tank atomizer DIY
4. Material Kanthal A1 24GA and 26GA  
5. 0.2ohm, 0.3ohm,0.5ohm,0.8ohm Resistance choose
6.  Prebuilt coil, Well wrapped  
7. Easy to use, huge vapor and comfortable
Prebuilt Clapton Coil cotains:                                                                                        
10 x Prebuilt coil Kanthal A1
1 x Gift box

Prebuild Clapton Coil for DIY RDA atomizer

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